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Pon Manickavel review


The movie begins with the murder of a judge. Cops in the city are not able to track down the murderer and do not even get a clue.

The case is then handed over to deputy commissioner Pon Manickavel played by Prabhu deva.
At first he is not much interested in solving the case. Soon, another cop who was close to the judge is also killed. Later, a businessman gets a death threat.
Did Pon Manickavel solve the mystery and save the life of the businessman that forms the rest of the story.


The story and screenplay is not something new, but director A C Mugil Chellappa has tried to deliver it in an interesting manner.

Prabhudeva plays a cop for the first time in his career and does a decent job. He delivers with a different body language and style.

The romantic track between Prabhudeva and Nivetha Pethuraj does not gel with the movie and seems like a forced one.

Suresh Chandra Menon and Mahendran are aptly cast.

Though the movie is engaging, it does not have anything new and follows the regular cop movie template.

The flick is available on Disney+Hotstar.

Rating 3.2/5