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Odu Raja Odu Tamil Movie Review

Odu Raja Odu Tamil Movie ReviewSTORY:

Manohar (Guru Somasundaram), a writer, suffers from writer’s block. His wife Meera (Lakshmi Priya) pressurises him to get a set top box for her to mark their wedding anniversary.

He goes out to buy it with his friend Peter (Venkatesh) who is a drug peddler. However, Peter’s supplier, Gajapathi (Melvin Rajan), and his boss, Veerabhadran (Deepak), force Manohar and Peter to do a dealing for them.

While the duo accept the task, they end up losing the cash of the gangster. Moreover, they now also have in their hands the dead body of a retired gangster Kalimuthu’s (Nasser).

The rest is all about how Manohar and Peter manage to come out of their troubles and whether the former is able to get set top box for his wife or not.


Directors duo Nishanth Ravindran & Jathin Sanker Raj have presented a quirky black comedy in Odu Raja Odu, which keeps us engaged in most parts, despite lagging in production values.

They are so many plots and each one of them are interconnected with a convenient screenplay. Guru Somasundaram has come up with a great performance, while the rest of the actors have done their respective roles well.

There are many quirky scenes, which would confuse us if we fail to follow the film so keenly. Also, the directors could have avoided showing women as objects of sex.

All said, Odu Raja Odu follows the path set by films like Soodhu Kavvum and Moodar Koodam. Though the end-product is not as great as SK and MK, we can say ORO has its own moments which make us laugh and like.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Odu Raja Odu : Run, Win