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Mandela movie review


The movie is about Mandela played by Yogi Babu and what impact his single vote has in the village.
Yogi Babu is a hairdresser in a village who changes his name as Mandela. His vote becomes decisive for the Panchayat election in the village.
How he is wooed by the two parties in the village and what they do to get his vote forms the rest of the story.
Mandela is releasing at the right time just before the election. This is so far one of the best performances of Yogi Babu.
His character arc is organically built and he makes the movie his own in the second half. There is no body shaming comedies or unnecessary oneliners like his previous movies.
He has emoted various feeling through the course of the movie. Sheela Rajasekar has given an earnest performance.
Full credit should be given to director Madonee Ashwin attempt. He has clear vision of what he wants and has produced it on screen. He seems to understand the subject clearly and does not go overboard at any point.
The technical aspects in the movie are also good. Vidhu Ayyanna’s camera has captured the village beautifully. Bharath Sankar’s music is top notch.
Rating: 3.75/5.