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LKG Tamil Movie Review

Doctorate in politics


Lalgudi Karuppaiah Krishnan, shortly LKG (RJ Balaji), is a ward councillor. Son of a failed politician and orator (Nanjil Sampath), LKG wants to make it big in politics.

He ropes in the services of a political corporate strategist Sarala Munusamy (Priya Anand), by convincing Sarala and her team that he can help them study big politicians.

Strategies are devised and finally, LKG becomes famous with a funny song. He gets noticed by Deputy Chief Minister Bhojappan (Ramkumar), who is running the State due to the hospitalisation of the Chief Minister.

As the CM dies, Bhojappan fields LKG as the party’s candidate in the by-election. But LKG has to face the biggest challenge from Ramaraj Pandian (JK Ritheesh), under whose control the constituency is.

Somehow, LKG reaches the Chief Minister’s chair too. But, he gets shot at when he is about to be sworn in as the chief minister. What happens to him and who is behind the assassination bid form the rest.


It is an out and out RJ Balaji show and the radio jockey-turned-actor has completely taken up the responsibility of making us laugh from scene one till the end.

Since he has taken care of writing too (along with his friends), Balaji has ensured that no contemporary political happening is left out from being criticised.

His worshipping Amaidhipadai Sathyaraj, Mudhalvan Raghuvaran and Vijay Mallya shows us what is going to unfold and he has not left us disappointed.

From a CM’s hospitalisation to memorial drama to Marina protests to IPL to Bigg Boss to Thala-Thalapathy fights to even YouTube reviewers, no one and nothing has been spared.

Priya Anand looks beautiful and delivers her performance in a smart manner. Nanjil Samapth can shine in cinema too, while J K Ritheesh is right cast for his role.

Leon James’ songs are good and another highlight of the movie is it runs just for 124 minutes. Despite the romantic portion being a let-down, LKG emerges best among the list of political movies of recent times.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5