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Krishnam Movie Review

Hare Krishna


Akshay Krishnan is a college going youngster who is loved by everyone around. He shares a great relationship with his father Balakrishnan (Sai Kumar), a rich entrepreneur.

Akshay is attached well to his mother Meera (Shanthi Krishna) too. Balakrishna is so friendly with his son that he finds remedies for Akshay’s love affair with his collegemate Radhika (Aiswarya Ullas).

When things are going very smooth, Akshay, all of a sudden, collapses on stage during a dance competition. He is soon diagnosed with a serious ailment.

Since Balakrishnan is an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayurappa, he strongly believes that the Almighty will cure his son. What happens to his belief is the rest of Krishnam.


As the title suggests, the film directed by Dinesh Baboo is all about a family’s devotion for Lord Guruvayurappa. Akshay Krishnan, who suffered the ailment and got cured by Lord Krishna, has played the lead role in this film.

The rest of the cast includes Aishwarya Ullas, Saikumar, Shanthi Krishna, Renji Panicker, Mukundan, Anjali Nair and Vijayakumar.

Hari Prasad and Dileep Singh have composed music and songs and background score are good. Dinesh Baboo, besides wielding the megaphone, has taken care of the cinematography as well.

Edited by Abhilash Balachandran, Krishnam, which has scenes that give goose bumps, is for those who believe in God, especially Lord Krishna.

Rating: 3 out of 5