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KGF Tamil Movie Review

KGF Tamil Movie Review

KGF Tamil Movie Review


Born to a poor single mother in Mysore, a young boy, when she was about to die, promises her that he would become the richest and the powerful man.

After her death, he takes a train to Bombay (in 1960s) and earns his daily bread by polishing shoes. As he realises that his mission is something else, the boy, who names himself as Rocky (Yash), involves in wrongdoings.

Even as when other boys of his age are busy playing hide and seek, Rocky is bumping off members of rival gangs in Bombay’s underworld. Soon, he emerges the tall don of the business capital of India.

When he is all set to become the numero uno, the present king of Bombay’s underworld, who also happens to be Rocky’s mentor, gives him a plum offer.

Rocky’s boss wants him to kill a powerful man in Karnataka. Accepting the offer, Rocky comes to Kolar Gold Fields. Whether he is able to achieve his mission or not forms the rest of KGF.

ANALYSIS:KGF Tamil Movie Review

The story starts in 2018 when a journalist (Anant Nag) narrates the tale of Rocky to a woman (Malavika Avinash). And from there, with a non-linear narration, it moves back and front from 2018 to 1950s to 1960s to 1980s.

Sandalwood star Yash has delivered a power-packed performance and marks his arrival in Kollywood in a big way. At places, he reminds us of Prabhas of Baahubali.

Director Prashanth Neel has filled the first half with many mass moments and ended the film with a promising climax, which leads to the second part.

Ravi Basrur’s music is loud at times, but that is what needed to a story of this kind. Bhuvan Gowda’s camera shades has added value to the proceedings, while editor Srikanth Gowda’s scissors have acted in a crisp manner.

Yash’s stylish looks and mass mannerisms, which are a treat to watch on the screen, are aptly matched by Prashanth’s script and narration. These things make us forget and forgive the minus points like a slow second half and the characters which come into the story without proper justification.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5