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Satheesh Kumar is neurosurgeon who is trying to win back his wife Mirnalini Ravi, who works in a a media.

Soon Gautham realises that he is caught in a time loop and is living in the same day everyday.

He also comes to know that an unknown person is trying to kill Mirnalini.

Satheesh seeks the help of his police friend Karunakaran to prevent Mrinalini’s death.

Was Satheesh Kumar successful in saving Mrinalini and what caused the time loop forms the rest of the story.


Director Mano Karthikeyan has come up with an interesting theme and has delivered it earnestly. Though there are a few ups and downs in the movie, it can be overlooked.

Had Mano Karthikeyan given more importance to emotions and a gripping screenplay, the movie would have been much better. Debutant Satheesh Kumar has delivered a decent performance.

However, more work is needed in the emotional portions. Mrinalini Ravi is adequate in the role. Chemistry between the lead pair is not that convincing. Karunakaran has delivered one of his best performances so far.

The movie is technically sound with Karthik K Thilla’s cinematography and San Lokesh’s editing. Ghibran’s songs and background score standout and are one of the biggest strengths of the movie.

A special mention should be made about CV Kumar for producing this flick.

Rating: 3.3/5