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Goli Soda 2 Tamil Movie Review

Goli Soda 2 Tamil Movie Review


The story is about three youngsters, who are united by a common friend and guide named Natesan (Samuthirakani).

Siva (Vinoth) is an enterprising auto driver, who becomes victim of a politician-cum-loan shark (Saravana Subbaiah). There is Maran (Bharath Seeni), a gangster who wishes to reform himself to lead a calm life.

But he is unable to do so, as he is caught in the iron-clad grip of a don. There is one more protagonist Oli (Esakki Bharath), an aspiring basketball player, whose love affair is opposed by casteism.

How the three are linked by their common friend Natesan and whether they are successful or not in overcoming their challenges form the rest of Goli Soda 2.


In this thematic sequel to his earlier hit Goli Soda, cinematographer-director Vijay Milton once again tells the story of common people who face extraordinary situations in their lvies.

All three protagonists have done their respective parts very well, while Samuthirakani is tailor-made for his role. Just a week after his stupendous show in Kaala, the director-actor proves himself once again in Goli Soda 2.

The film beautifully portrays the story of the three youth and the raciness in the first half is superb. The director has relied on two things mainly- script and editing.

Cinematography is another asset of the movie, while the background score is loud. Though the first half is racy and riveting, the second half loses steam and ends up as a cliched collage.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Goli Soda – Fizz & Fit

Direction –  Vijay Milton

Produced by – Bharath Seeni

Music –  Achu Rajamani