Tamil Movie Review

Ayyanar Veethi Tamil Movie Review

Ayyanar Veethi Tamil Movie Review
Ayyanar Veethi Tamil Movie Review

Street beat


Ponvannan is village chief, who protects the hamlet like Ayyanar. The entire family of baddie Senthilvel is waiting to take revenge on him.

Yuvan from the villain’s family falls in love for Ponvannan’s daughter. At the same time, he also proposes to Bhagyaraj’s daughter, who is a college student.

In the meantime, the villain team plans to mix poison in ‘theertham’ during temple festival. Also, situation forces Bhagyaraj to go for ‘hunt’ (vettai) as Ayyanar, in the place of Ponvannan.

What is the reason behind that? What happened to the evil designs of Senthilvel and co? Ayyanar Veedhi will give you answers to these questions and more.


Those in the cast, especially Bhagyaraj, Ponvannan and Senthilvel, have perrformed well. Director Gypsy Rajkumar has attemped to present a tale with nativity.

There is a message in this rural story and the director has tried his best to present things in a racy manner. But certain scenes lack continuity.

Editing lacks pace and there are few other loopholes too. But the film can be watched once for it strongly presents points against against communal rivalry and drugs.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5