Tamil Movie Review

Annaatthe movie review

Rajinikanth as Kalaiyan is the panchayat president of Soorakottai.

He is very attached to his family, especially to his sister Keerthi Suresh. Keerthy Suresh returns to the village after completing her studies in Kolkatta. Rajinikanth starts looking for a suitor for his sister.

Rajini’s only condition is that the groom should be within five kilometers from his village, so that he can visit his sister whenever he wants. The wedding gets arranged, however Keerthi goes missing.

Where did she go, what happens next forms the rest of the story.

The first half is filled with Rajinism and the actor is energetic with style. His antics with the villagers and his family members are all enjoyable.

In the second half the focus shifts to Kolkatta where the proceedings are action packed. Rajini is not new to brother-sister sentiment movies and has done well as Kalaiyan.

Keerthy Suresh comes throughout the movie and carries an emotional role with ease. Rest of the cast including Nayanthara, Kushbhu, Meena and Soori have all done their part well.

Abhimanyu and Jagapathi Babu are adequate as the antagonists. Director Siva has played to his strengths and has infused Rajini’s energy into the movie which will impress the family audience.

Imman’s BGM is good and the music elevates some of the action sequences. Vetri Palanisamy’s camerawork is colourful.

Rating: 3.7/5