Tamil film director’s FB post on Lord Rama sparks furore

A Tamil film director named Thirukumaran Ganesan has posted an indecent post on Lord Rama and His sons on Facebook, which has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Apparently bitten by the trend of portraying oneself as secular and intellectural by only bashing Hinduism and by conveniently forgetting other faiths, Thirukumaran has shared a picture of B R Ambedkar attacking Lord Rama and His sons with a whip.

While the words in the picture say ‘Let us expose Rama and His sons with the intellectual whip called Babasaheb Ambedkar’, Thirukkumaran has written in Tamil like this: “Ambedkar is treating them in a dignifying manner. If I were in his placce, I would tramp Rama under my legs.”

The post, which was uploaded last night, has sent shock waves among Hindus who have been demanding action against Thirukumaran for hurting their sentiments.

They also wanted to know why these so-called ‘intellectuals’ are not questioning or criticising other faiths which practice religious, caste and women discrimination more than that in Hinduism.

Recently, director Pa Ranjith made a controversial speech, it may be recalled. After a speech in June, Ranjith was caught in a swirl of controversy for comments he had made on the reign of the ancient king Raja Raja Chozhan.

A case was registered against the director last month for allegedly speaking ill of emperor Raja Raja Chozhan, while describing the plight of an oppressed community during the Chola dynasty, at a function near Thanjavur.

“Had Raja Rajan been alive, he would have accepted my criticism and opened himself up for a discussion. But those who call themselves his grandsons…” he said.