Tamannah talks about nepotism and her struggle

Ever since the death of Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput, allegedly due to nepotism in film industry, many celebrities are talking about it.

Tamannah too has joined the list by saying in a recent interview that nepotism or favouritism cannot determine success or failure for a person.

The Baahubali and Ayan actress, who is popular in Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood, said that the concept of nepotism is not unique to the film industry alone.

She added that when she entered the South Indian film industry from Mumbai, she did not have any contacts. Tamannah attributed her success to hard work and destiny.

Tamannah, who said that there are many bigwigs in the industry who are not from a film background, also acknowledged that star kids do get more opportunities compared to outsiders.

Recently, Adah Sharma had something to say about nepotism, which is currently the hot topic of discussion on social media.

However, instead of listing perks of being a star kid, Adah had a completely different take on it. Instead of listing perks of being a star kid, Adah had a completely different take on it.

Titling her post as ‘The Benefits of NOT being a star kid’, she wrote as follows:

“in Allllll my interviews im asked my take on Nepotism and Star Kids…we are always talking about the struggle ,but here are some perks of being a non star kid.

1)Getting the opportunity to stand in long audition lines leading to long toned legs.

2)Getting free bonus acting classes with real life experience of a rollercoaster of emotions like rejection and dejection.

3)A chance to do a big banner film andyet be invisible on the poster ! No name also full incognito!

4)To not be included in promotions of a film . so you can practice sulking and crying expressions at home(tab Hasee toh nahi aae 😜).”