Tamannah denies getting married

Tamannah denies getting married

Tamannah has refuted reports in few sections of the media which claimed that she would enter the wedlock soon and her parents have started groom hunting.

In a statement, she said, “”One day it’s an actor, another day it’s a cricketer, and now it’s a doctor. These rumors make it sound like I’m on a husband shopping spree.”

She said: “While I love the idea of being in love, I definitely don’t appreciate baseless news when it comes to my personal life.”

“I am happily single at the moment and my parents aren’t groom hunting. The only thing I’m romancing right now is my cinematic endeavors,” she stated further.

Stating that ‘I really wonder where these speculations constantly crop up from when all I’m doing is shooting,’ she said: “It’s really prejudicial and disrespectful.”

The day I decide on going down that road, I will announce it to the world myself because the institute is consecrated, she said and added: “It’s not as casual as the numerous speculations being floated.”

I’d like to make it very clear for once and for all that marriage isn’t on the cards yet and all these baseless rumors must be put to rest and is a product of someone’s imagination”, she concluded.