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  • Cobra movie review

    Story: Vikram is a mathematical genius who goes undercover and commits high profile assassinations. In comes an interpol agent Irfan Pathan to nab him. During the investigation, the cops find out a shocking revelation about this assassin called Cobra. Who is this Cobra? What’s his story? and why is he committing these crimes forms the rest of the story. Analysis:… Continue reading "Cobra movie review"

  • Vikram movie review

    Story: A masked gang murders policemen including Kalidoss Jayaram. Similarly, Kalidoss’s foster father Kamal Haasan is also killed by the gang. Fahadh Faasil is appointed as the special officer to track down this notorious gang. While he narrows down on Narain, the murders continue to happen. He also crosses path with   who is a drug dealer. Later Fahadh comes… Continue reading "Vikram movie review"