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  • Huge relief for Vishal

    Vishal has won a legal battle against the prestigious production house Lyca Productions. The case of the plaintiff Lyca was that the defendant Vishal Krishna Reddy had availed a loan of Rs. 21.29 crore for one Anbu Chezhian of Gopuram Films for the production of the Tamil feature film ‘Marudu’, in 2016. As Vishal could not repay the loan to… Continue reading "Huge relief for Vishal"

  • Problems for Indian 2 continues

    Lyca Productions has filed a complaint in court against the director Shankar and appealed for a stay to prevent Shankar from beginning the works for his new film before completing Indian 2. The judge, who heard the case last week, had asked the director and therefore the producer to possess a friendly discussion to seek out a smooth solution for the film. Now, the newest report is that negotiations… Continue reading "Problems for Indian 2 continues"