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  • Sinam movie review

    Story: Arun Vijay is a honest cop who falls in love with Palak Lalwani and marries her without her parents permission. The couple give birth to you a boy and live happily. Arun Vijay earns the wrath of several rowdies due to his honesty. During a particular incident Palak Lalwani informs that she is coming to meet Arun Vijay, but… Continue reading "Sinam movie review"

  • Yaani movie review

    Story: Samuthiram (Jayabalan) and his son, Lingam, want to avenge PRV’s (Rajesh) family for the death of Lingam’s twin brother (Pandi). Ravichandran (Arun Vijay) tries to protect his family at all costs despite his half-brothers disliking him. Meanwhile, Arun Vijay’s half-brother Samuthirakani’s daughter Ammu Abirami elopes with a Muslim boy. Samuthirakani blames Arun Vijay for this and send him out… Continue reading "Yaani movie review"