Taapsee shares her success mantra

Taapsee Pannu has said slow and steady is her success mantra. She has thanked her fans for giving her the no. 1 spot on a list created by Bollywood Ranker on the basis of votes that audience gave to her films on IMDb.

“I might not have the maximum hundred-crores grossers, but it’s quite satisfying to see that the audience has voted me basis the kinds of films I have done,” she said.

According to the actress, “Slow and steady is the mantra that has helped me get my audience and their trust. I hope I live up to their trust every time they decide to spend the few hours of their life watching my films.”

“It helps me feel I am on the right path and that I can continue pushing the envelope as there is an audience who is following my thought process. That is why I try and push to do something new and different every year,” she added.

Taapsee Pannu has recently revealed an interesting trivia about the tattoo she had in Pink, in which she shared the screen space with Amitabh Bachchan.

The tatttoo in question is that of a series of a bird opening its wings and flying. Sharing a throwback picture, the Vandhaan Vendraan and Aadukalam actress explained about it to her fans on social media.

She said, “The first tattoo trial of Pink. The idea was to find a design which resonates with the situation of Minal. A bird who wants to open her wings and fly. A bird who comes in her own elements by the end of it all.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to know that post the film’s release there were many girls who reached out to tattoo artists to get the similar tattoo done on them.

I am myself a tattoo loving person provided it’s something that is attached to the person’s personality and not just a random design. I have 2 tattoos on me and had it not been this acting profession I would’ve probably gotten a third one on the nape of my neck by now.”