T M Krishna, Chinmayi slam GCMA for roping in artistes who faced sexual charges

Popular singers T M Krishna and Chinmayi Sripadha have voiced against Global Carnatic Musicians Association’s (GCMA) decision to field artistes tainted by alleged sexual harassment charges, for its first-year anniversary celebrations.

Krishna said in a Facebook post, “Using the excuse of providing support for artists to rehabilitate these individuals is simply ugly. Until today, the Karnatik music community has done little to create a safe environment for survivors to come forward and express themselves without fear of repercussions.

In fact, by initially putting on an act of doing something, but letting things just pass, the establishment has ensured that the survivors will not speak. There has been no concrete intent of seriously investigating the accusations.”

“Powerful artists have chosen to turn a blind eye, forget, act ignorant or have become apologists for perpetrators. Younger artists prefer to secure their careers (understandably) rather than jeopardise it, even if they feel strongly about this issue. Some younger stars have not bothered about the #metoo allegations against their co-musicians,” he added.

Chinmayi, who spearheaded the #MeToo movement, said that the failure to hold these musicians accountable for their actions has emboldened them, and stopped survivors from speaking out.

Justifying its decision, GCMA said, “It is very unfortunate that an organisation like GCMA, whose mission is to work towards the welfare of the Carnatic music community, is being attacked/ accused in such a reckless manner. We are bound by the rule of law and it is our resolve to let no offence go unpunished.”