Swathi's father, shopkeeper identify Ramkumar as techie's murderer

Swathi’s father, shopkeeper identify Ramkumar as techie’s murderer

Eleven days after the dramatic arrest of P Ramkumar in the Swathi murder case, two witnesses — Swathi’s father and a bookseller on the Nungambakkam railway platform — have identified him as the software engineer’s assailant.

According to sources, K P S Devaraj, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Nungambakkam, who is also the investigation officer in the case, arranged for the identification parade that began at 10.30 am.

An official from Central Prisons, Puzhal, phase two, said that eye-witnesses were brought to the premises in the morning.

Swathi’s father Santhana Gopalakrishnan and Sivakumar, a shopkeeper on the Nungambakkam railway station platform, were the two witnesses made to identify the accused.

The identification parade was carried out in the presence of a judicial magistrate deputed by the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate inside the high-security jail premises.

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