Swathi killer escaped in two wheeler?

Swathi killer escaped in two wheeler?

Swathi killer escaped in two wheeler?: A day after the police released a ‘good quality’ picture of the suspect in techie Swathi murder case, it has emerged that the assailant fled from the area on a two-wheeler.

According to sources, the police have found this out through the CCTV footage they obtained from a traffic signal.

On Thursday, the Chennai police released a high-resolution image of the main suspect in the murder of 24-year-old Swathi Santhanagopalakrishnan who was hacked to death at the Nungambakkam railway station.

The police released a ‘file photo’ of the man, saying it had been ‘developed’ by them. The photo shows a man wearing blue shirt and black trousers, similar to what was seen in the CCTV footage released by the police on Sunday.

The police are sweeping through hard disks and computers used by S Swathi, who was murdered at Nungambakkam railway station on June 24.

Cops are looking into the data in her home and office computers and devices for any clues on the suspect. No arrests have been made so far in the case.

Though police have so far got no clue of the assailant, they are putting together a few inputs that could possibly establish the motive of the murder. Swathi knew that the suspect was stalking her on suburban trains to her workplace.

Days ahead of her murder, Swathi