Suzhal – The Vortex Creators, Pushkar & Gayatri request viewers not to give away spoilers- “We would like everyone to watch and discover for themselves.”

From the house of Pushkar and Gayatri, crime thriller Suzhal- The Vortex is on everyone’s binge-list since it premiered on 17th June on Prime Video. The investigative drama is an 8 episodes long series, each one leading to plots and twists. Recently, Pushkar and Gayatri requested fans to not give twists and turns since every bend in the series gets unfolded if one watches closely, proving even the guesses wrong.

Talking about the same, the makers says “Every episode and every character has a twist and a turn. Even though there are clues, those only take you to the next step but not the end. Allow other people to feel the enjoyment. The surprise which you feel when you are watching it, or even if you have guessed the twist and turns please don’t reveal it. We would like everyone to get the same pleasure out of watching the series and discovering it for themselves”.

It’s only been a few days since the highly anticipated Suzhal- The Vortex has been released and it has already taken over the world of OTT. It is hands down the best intriguing thriller present in the streaming space, today. Audiences across 240 countries and territories can watch Suzhal-The Vortex in over 30 Indian and Foreign languages on Amazon Prime Video.