Suriya’s request to public

Suriya has slammed the Centre’s Draft National Education Policy (NEP), saying some of the provisions in it would disadvantage students in rural areas.

While there were several appreciable suggestions in the National Education Policy, there were also several dangers in it, he said, speaking after distributing prizes to students benefited by the Sri Sivakumar Charitable Trust.

He added, “The concern is that again and again…the focus is on exams, qualifying exams and entrance exams, but not on accessible quality education to all students.”

Talking about the National Education Policy draft, Suriya said, “The policy has not reached people yet. Most students and parents are not aware of the draft. The draft suggests entrance exams from third standard itself.

How is it fair to conduct a common entrance examination without providing equal education to everyone? This is a matter concerning the lives of 30 crore students. So, this can change only if parents and teachers take initiatives to ensure the right education for their children. Everyone should have their say on the draft and voice out their opinion.”

“In over 10 years of being involved in the field of education, we’ve seen students coming from various socio-economic backgrounds and working hard to complete their education and secure a good job.

We have volunteers who work closely with people in various places and are aware of what happens at grassroots level. There are many, many small villages where students go to school after crossing various hurdles and barriers. I think we should talk about this (policy draft) because it involves the education and future of 30-crore students in our country.”

He urged the public to act fast and register their views on the NEP website to safeguard the future of their children.