Suriya upset with Sashikanth’s statement

The comments of producer Sashikanth in a recent chat show, criticising the gesture of gifting cars to directors and then, publicizing it in the media, have not gone down well with the team of actor Suriya.
It may be recalled that Suriya has given cars to his directors like Pandiraj, Hari and now Vignesh Shivan.
Rajasekar Pandian, Director & Co-Producer 2D Entertainment Pvt Ltd (Suriya’s production house), posted on Twitter: “A producer who has failed to pay the salaries in full of the actor and director of his film is talking about gifts!! What an irony!! Hilarious!”
In the said show, Shashikanth said, “Sometimes we get too emotional. When a film is successful, we should quietly celebrate it at home.
When we do something together and have struggled to make it happen for two-three years, it has to be celebrated when it’s successful. The fact that it should be publicized is wrong.
A lead actor gifted car to his director. How did that become a new item? It has become a habit. I have made 12 films and each film has tasted a different kind of success. There is a lot of pressure in the industry for success.”