Suriya now comes under attack of Hindu activists for supporting wife Jyothika

At an award event, actress Jyotika opined that both people and government should take care of hospitals and schools the same way they look after the temples in the state.

She also said people should donate to hospitals and schools rather than giving money to temples. This speech of hers didn’t go down well with a section of religious groups, eventually leading to a huge debate on social media.

Following this, actor Suriya has come up with a statement supporting his wife’s controversial speech. He said that his family stands by her opinion and the idea has been welcomed by many. This has made Suriya to earn the wrath of Hindu activists, who wanted to know why the husband and wife did not have guts to speak about other places of worship.

Suriya said in the statement, “Even if trees stay calm, the wind doesn’t let them stay the same. My wife’s speech at an award function has been doing the rounds on social media and has led debates as well.

Her opinion asking people to donate to schools and hospitals as much as temples are seen as a crime. I don’t understand why a certain section of people is offended by this. Many spiritual leaders, including Vivekanandar, had always insisted that humanity is bigger than any religion.”

He said further: “My family fully stands with her opinion in the speech, which is inspired by the teachings of spiritual leaders. We wish to teach our children that humanity is more important than religion.”

Stating that many people, who understood the essence of her speech, have supported her even in these times of despair, he added: “I thank all those unknown people who supported us, while many were desperately trying their best to spoil our image.”