Suresh Chakravarthy gets reentry call in Bigg Boss house

With the season 4 of Bigg Boss reaching its climax, the contestants who were evicted in the previous weeks have reentered the house.

However, Suresh Chakravarthy has not yet made it to the sets and he had recently said that he was the only one not invited and lamented that a lady was behind it.

He has now updated that the has been invited and will soon reenter the Bigg Boss house. He has also hinted that he will lend a helping hand to Aari once inside the house.

Recently, a video was doing the rounds suggesting that Som Sekhar cheated on the show by using his cellphone while Kamal Haasan was talking to the contestants via Agam TV.

It was later said that Som was actually adjusting the battery of Rio’s microphone and it gave the impression of handling a cellphone.