On 21st November 2017 (Tuesday) morning Superstar Sri Rajinikanth has made a sudden visit to Mantralayam temple that is situated in the district of Kurnool of Andhra Pradesh. He had Thyanam for some time. Later had Darshan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy and paid respect to the present Sri Sri 1008 Sri Subudhendra Theertha Swamy, for his blessing.

As we all know that the SUPERSTAR HAS BEEN A FERVENT DEVOTEE OF SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMI , a true and pure saint who surrended himslef completely to Moola Ramar .

Sri Raghavendara Swami attained jeeva samathi in front of his disciples on dwitiya day of Sravana Krishna Paksha in 1671 (17th century).

He lived 76 years physically on earth . It is believed that he would live in the Brindavan (in Jeeva Samathi) for 700 years by helping society and showering his blissfull compassion towards mankind all over the globe.

Superstar’s 100th Movie was Sri Raghavendra which shows his devotion towards him. Since then it is no doubt to mention here that the Bakthi cult towards Sri Raghavendra Swamy has reached people at large.

Let us all pray to Sri Raghavendra Swami following the footsteps of Superstar Sri Rajinikanth.

T Raghavan