Superstar appreciates Joker

Superstar appreciates Joker

Superstar Rajinikanth, known for openly praising young filmmakers, is at it again. After watching Joker at a special screening in Chennai, he has congratulated the whole team.

“I applaud the team of #joker, brilliant film !:” the numero uno actor of Indian cinema posted on his microblogging page. This has made the whole team happy.

Joker is a social political satire film, written and directed by Raju Murugan (whose previous was ‘Cuckoo’) and produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. The problems of modern India have been narrated in a humorous manner.

The film stars Guru Somasundaram and newcomers Ramya Pandian and Gayathri Krishnaa in key roles. Bava Chelladurai, Ramasamy and Bala Murugan are doing supporting roles.

The soundtrack was composed by Sean Roldan and it received highly positive reviews from critics. The director said, “Soon after my first film, I happened to travel all over the country and found certain things among the people with poverty and this inspired me to write a plot based on this”.

The film was completely shot in the regions surround Dharmapuri in late 2015. Talking about the film, Raju Murugan says,