Sujith dead, body taken from borewell

Two-year-old Sujith Wilson, who fell into a borewell in Tiruchirappalli district on Friday, has died, government officials said early this morning. His body had decomposed inside the borewell.

Authorities tried their best to rescue the boy, officials said and added that the digging process was stopped soon after the body was located inside the borewell. Commissioner of Revenue Administration J Radhakrishnan said the body of the child was in a ‘highly decomposed’ state.

“Efforts are on to retrieve the mortal remains of the child,” he added. “Those posted near the borewell observed foul smell around 10.30 pm on Monday following which medical personnel and teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) assessed the situation,”  he said.

 He fell inside the borewell on Friday at 5:45 PM and from that time the rescue operation was in full swing. With no food and water for four days a 2-yr old cannot survive, though he was held at 88ft in air lock method his body couldn’t survive the trauma and died.

Though his exact time of death is yet to be confirmed as the child’s body is rushed to the hospital for postmortem. Last night government officials said that rescuing the boy would have taken 12 more hours. However, a foul smell from within the borewell led authorities to declare the boy’s death.

In a press meet held outside Sujith’s residence, Radhakrishnan said that all efforts to bring the child alive had been done, but now in an unfortunate turn of event, bad smell has started comming from the borewell in which the child had fallen.

Sujith Wilson has been trapped in a borewell near Tiruchirappalli at a depth of nearly 100 feet below ground. The government officials and rescue workers had been working for more than 80 hours to retrieve the child.

A parallel hole was being dug by the rescue team which had managed to dig up to 63 feet till 9 pm. Prayers were held by various sections of society for the child’s early rescue, while leaders such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi wished the wellbeing of the child.