Suja Varunee slams online abusers

Suja Varunee has taken to the social media to come down heavily on those who abused her online for her glamorous pictures.
In a post titled ‘Not all women are good! Not all men are bad!!!”, she said, “I would like to take a few things out of my head and make it public, because when there are no shame among men on the Internet or in reality, who always have guts that they could just create a default account and post whatever shit they want to post!!!
Let me be clear, don’t think your safe for the rest of your lives and you can continue to post anonymously! The biggest problem is your uncontrollable sex rage + the Internet age is in the hands of such idiots…They use Internet only for sexual abuse of women in various industries!”
She said further: The problem does not lie in how the women dress, but with the mindset of those who find fault with how women dress. “I’m an actress, & whatever I do I’m proud of it…I earn and eat my daily bread with pride!”
“There are my own views how to showcase or dress myself in films or any public events…If these dresses are the only problem?” Then why the hell would you rape the poor child “Hasini” (remember the girl from ‘porur’ chennai ) who lived 3 blocks away from my house…& what about all the acid victim girls?” They are all most well dressed and harmless beings!!!”
We are not the problem!!! Its you Its your “Sex Rage” ….when u can’t even get your eyes off an old lady or even your house maid!!! Its you!!! Your the problem!! Many female bodies will be well proportioned! Its nature..& that’s how some are created!!! As men you want to admire it..Go ahead!!! Go ahead admire even your mother’s or sister’s too!!!!But sexually abusing or the “sexrage” doesn’t mean you are superior because you got b**ls and you can just comment & decide whomever you want to f**k!!!! I don’t care about people or my friends telling me why do you even care to shout at these fools or make a publicity out of it!!!! I just don’t care!!! My message today is for all the women & men! Don’t think you can hide & escape because no one can find you in this big universe called the “Internet”!” she added.