Husband clears the air on Suchitra's tweets

Suchitra makes a shocking revelation on Ajith & Vijay

Singer Suchitra has revealed in a recent interview that there was a time when Ajith envied Vijay for getting all the hit songs to his credit.

Suchitra in her recent video interview in lockdown has revealed interesting information that Ajith in a party had told her that he likes her song Chinna Thamarai from the movie Vettaikaran starring Vijay and Anushka.

Suchi has added that Ajith with a tinge of envy questioned her how Vijay gets so many good songs while he does not get them in his films. Speaking of Vettaikaran, the film was released in 2009 and was directed by debutant director B Babusivan. It featured Vijay and Anushka Shetty in lead roles and had some beautiful songs in its album.

Suchitra concluded by saying that she is worried by seeing Vijay and Thala Ajith fans and their rivalry, while both the stars share a good relationship. Vijay starrer Vettaikaran was released in the year 2009.

In a recent interview, Suchitra opened up about a lot of things including the video of her ex-husband on her mental health. She stated that she wished he had not posted the video.

“I wish Karthik had not released that video because it confused a lot of people. It affected my work and my relationships. I was going through depression, but I’d have come out of it eventually. It could have been done in a dignified way. Eventually, Karthik, too, realised that it was a bad idea and took it down”, she was quoted as saying.

Suchitra admitted to the media portal that when her ex-husband did all of that, she was going through depression and it was a difficult time for her. She felt that he could have done all that he did in a more dignified way. Reportedly, Karthik felt the same way and eventually took the videos down.