Students who carried weapons on train cry for pardon in police custody

Four students who were arrested for travelling on footboard in a suburban train striking knives and metal rods, have emotionally appealed to the police to leave them.

Two days after a video of them indulging in the violent act went viral in the social media, the latest video of them pleading mercy too is now getting viral.

While railway police are not clear when the incident happened exactly, the chilling video shows passengers at the Nemmilichery railway station, running for cover as the train comes to a halt.

The students disembarked from the local train and showed off their weapons which included metal rods and machetes at a station where they also burst firecrackers.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ambattur, S. Sarvesh Raj instructed personnel in his jurisdiction to check the railway stations. A special team came across the four students with lethal weapons outside the Nemilicherry railway station.

On interrogation, the police found that the four were from Presidency College. They claimed that they did the act as a mark of pride. All are residents of Thirunindravur.