Strict rules to be implemented at TASMAC outlets

The Tamilnadu government has decided to impose strict rules at Tasmac outlets, including making it mandatory to display the price list, after complaints about salesmen fleecing the customers poured in.

The decision was taken at a recent review meeting between Tasmac officials and authorities of the Home, Prohibition, and Excise Departments.

The State-owned Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation’s (Tasmac), the monopoly agency in selling liquor in the State, move to impose strict rules also came against the backdrop of recent High Court’s direction that the authorities should issue circular to the official concerned to take steps that there should not be any MRP violations and ensure that the prices should be legibly displayed at all the outlets.

In addition, the Tasmac has also issued a circular to all salesmen to issue a receipt to the consumer for their purchase.

A senior official from Tasmac said, since the liquor outlets are being closed at 8 pm every day due to the pandemic, illegal sales has been rampant.

“If receipts are made for every sale, bulk purchases could be identified and the illegal sale can be curbed,” he pointed out.

The official said all salesmen were warned of strict action if the new rules were not followed. “Suspension order will be issued against the supervisor and salesmen of liquor shops if they continue to violate the norms,” he said.

Similarly, supervisors of the outlets would be held responsible if illegal bars were functioning inside the shops.

“The monitoring of the liquor shops will be intensified,” he said, adding that there are plans to install surveillance cameras in all outlets.