Strict rules and restrictions for TASMAC shops

The Madras high court on Wednesday refused to stay reopening of TASMAC liquor shops in Tamil Nadu today.

However, a special division bench of Justice Vineet Kothari and Justice Pushpa Sathyanarayana directed the government to implement rationing by permitting one person to purchase only one bottle of liquor ( 750 ml ) per day if payment is made by cash.

Allowing the state-run Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited (TASMAC) liquor shops to reopen in the state on Thursday, the Madras High Court dismissed a PIL which was challenging the state government’s decision. The high court has insisted that social distancing norms should be followed in every TASMAC shop.

The division Bench of Justices Vineet Kothari and Pushpa Sathyanarayana directed the state to ensure that only one bottle (750 ml) is sold by TASMAC for those paying at the counter. Two bottles (750 ml each) may be sold for those who paid online.

The court asked the state to encourage digital payments so as to minimise cash transactions.  A digital bill is mandatory with details of the buyer including their name, address and Aadhaar number, the High Court reportedly said.

The special division bench directed the Government to ensure that an individual is permitted to buy only one 750ml bottle of liquor, per day, if the payment is made in cash.

The court has also directed the State to add the option of online payment to prevent crowding at liquor outlets. If the payment is made online the time would be intimated and an individual would be able to get two bottles. Strict implementation of social distancing and other precautions have also been instructed.