Sterlite’s explanation to Rajini, Kamal

On a day when Kamal Haasan joined the anti-Sterlite protest and a day after superstar Rajinikanth tweeted against the plant, the company came out with an explanation to the two top stars and other actors who are opposing it.

In a message to Rajinikanth, it said, “Dear @rajinikanth, we feel that incorrect and untrue information may have reached you about our operations in Thoothukudi.”

It added: “It is our sincere hope that these #facts will give you the true picture and help develop a balanced opinion. #TruthAloneTriumphs #FactsMatter.”

To Kamal, Sterlite said, “Dear Kamal sir, as an organization we are committed to empowering our surrounding communities. In light of the recent misconceptions about us, we humbly submit the true facts and encourage you to visit our plant in Thoothukkudi.”

Similar messages were posted to actors Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, G V Prakash, Aari and Hiphop Tamizha.

On Sunday, Kamal said he had not come to Tuticorin for publicity. “My name is Kamal Haasan… For me being humane is more important than being an actor. I am a Tamilian first. I have not come here as a politician. I have not come here for publicity. I have had enough publicity already,” he said.