Stella Maris College students paint the campus walls for a “Green Future”

  • An initiative of the Department of Fine Arts to spread the message on the need for environmental sustainability and green practices

The Department of Fine Arts, Stella Maris College, has completed yet another set of mural paintings on the campus walls. Taking plant ecology and biodiversity as the theme, 25 panels across the span of the campus walls celebrate the world of plants ranging from lush forests, fertile farmlands, and verdant cityscapes.

The designs took shape with a team of faculty and students working on the compositions. The team included undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department. The murals have been conceptualised in a folk style, taking as reference Gond art, and explore diverse themes that reiterate the need for sustainable and green practices.

Dr. Sumithra Dawson, Head, Department of Fine Arts, Stella Maris College, stated, “The narrative commences with the symbolic tree of life and forests that turn into marshlands and fields. Plants as sources of medicine and food are abstracted into decorative compositions. Plant nutrients, aquaponics, terrace and vertical gardens, echo global concerns to maximise the benefit of plants for a healthy planet. The green campus of the College features prominently in one of the panels. Chennai is referenced with imagery evoking the Pallikaranai marsh, the vertical gardens on its flyovers and the great banyan tree.”

She also adds, “The striking imagery, bright palette and meticulous patterning have turned the wall space into a pleasant panorama on the busy Cathedral Road. As one takes in the view, it is easy to spot the work of many hands and minds united in the excitement this project created. One can discern subtle variations in the painting styles and detailing that reiterate the individual efforts of enthusiastic students painting their hearts out to spread the message for a green future.”

The mural paintings on the campus walls are painted by the students of the Department periodically with a set theme. Standard operating procedures were adhered at all times and students’ safety was monitored.