STAR VIJAY launches dual mega-serials at a time NammaVeetu Ponnu & ThendralVandhuEnnaiThodum

Launches on 16 August 2021, Afternoon

STAR VIJAY soaps have always been the most favorite for Tamil viewers.  The fiction front has been leading ahead in the prime-time slots of the channel already.  Now adding a feather to its cap,STAR VIJAY does launch a double mega-serial at a time in the afternoon time-band.  NammaVeetu Ponnu &ThendralVandhuEnnaiThodum are the two fascinating family dramasthat is sure to captivate the viewers and rule over the afternoon serial watchers. 

NammaVeetu Ponnu (Mon-Sat 2.30 PM)

A Family drama with fun and emotions all-together.   This is a story of an independent young girl Meenakshi and a boy Karthik who isborn &brought up in a join-family atmosphere and he’s full of family sentiments and emotions.  When Meenakshi and Karthik who have quite contrast point of views what happens?  If they become a married couple what really happens?  Meenakshi who has been brought up as a single child will be able to adapt and handle the join-family atmosphere?  Situations and circumstances lead to a funny and thought-provoking interesting story of ‘NammaVeetu Ponnu’. Don’t miss to watch the fun-clash of varied personalities in the drama that unfolds with some unforeseen twists and turns.  The cast includes Surjith (Karthik), Ashwini (Meenakshi), Ravi (Velu), Nithya (Visalakshi) and many others. 

ThendralVandhuEnnaiThodum (Mon-Sat 3 PM)

The story revolves around Abhinaya and Vetri.  Abhinaya meets Vetri in the temple and fate brings them together in an unforeseen incident. Abhinaya holds back on the values and tradition and entersVetri’slife as his wife.  Will Vetri accept her as his wife?  Will Abhinaya be able to handle Vetri on his rustic behavior and overcome the hurdles she faces on her life with him?  There await many exciting twists and turns in the rest of the story.  Don’t miss to watch ThendralVandhuEnnaiThodum from Monday at 3 pm.

The cast includes – Pavithra (as Abhinaya), Vinoth Babu (as Vetri), Vasu Vikram (Chidambaram), Kannan (Poongavanam), Auditor Sridhar (Shankar Narayanan), Vishwantra Rao (Manikkam) and many others.