Stalin takes oath for social justice on Periyar birth anniversary

Chief Minister MK Stalin on Friday took his oath at Fort St George, pledging to uphold social justice in Tamil Nadu.

The announcement to observe the birth anniversary of social reformer and Dravidar Kazhagam founder ‘Periyar’ EV Ramasamy as Social Justice Day in Tamil Nadu on September 17 every year, was made on September 6.

“All men are equal and both men and women are equal were the twin principles of Periyar. His objectives were abolition of castes and abolition of slavery of women and he questioned those which are against his objectives. His questions were scientific and he kindled people to think like him,” said Stalin had said.

Calling it a historical announcement, Stalin added that Periyar, who had never been to the Legislative Assembly, was the reason behind the first amendment Act and though he did not enter the Assembly, his thoughts were enacted as Laws.

Periyar had the power of implementing his thoughts through others. He also said that while celebrating the ‘Social Justice Day,’ the following pledge on social justice will also be administered in all the government offices across the states.