Stalin reiterates demand for caste census in Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has demanded that the Union government undertake a nationwide caste census, adding that it was necessary for the proper implementation of social justice.

The CM was speaking on Monday, November 27, at the inaugural ceremony in Chennai for the life-sized statue of former Prime Minister VP Singh.

On the occasion of VP Singh’s death anniversary, the state government has said that they are commemorating the former PM for  implementing the recommendations of the Mandal Commission—ensuring caste based reservation in government jobs for Other Backward Classes (OBCs).

“Social justice is not the concern of just one state. It is the concern of all states. There may be variations in caste and class differences in each state, but they all face the same problem of marginalisation,” Stalin said, further adding, “Wherever there is marginalisation, segregation, untouchability, enslavement, the medicine to cure it is social justice.

There are certain blocks to social justice. To change that the Union government must conduct the delayed decadal census and the caste census.”