Stalin launches SIRPI scheme for improving relationship between police and public

Chief Minister M K Stalin on Wednesday launched Students in Responsible Police Initiatives (SIRPI) scheme for improving the relationship between police and public and to make students as responsible citizens.

“SIRPI scheme is to develop responsible students. When police and public work together, there is no doubt that the crimes can be completely stopped. Like several schemes, which unite the police and the public, the State government has now initiated the SIRPI scheme,” said the Chief Minister, after launching the scheme.

The announcement to launch the scheme was made by the Chief Minister on the floors of the state Assembly on September 13, last year, and in the announcement the Chief Minister said that the scheme will be implemented at the cost of Rs 4.25 crore.

Under the scheme, 50 students each from 100 government schools will be selected on a voluntary basis and will be given special training on moral education, sports and yoga. The students will be taken to eight tourist places in the State and will be given special training on history and general knowledge.

Students will also be given special training on working of the police department, their organization, their work, emergency control rooms and explored to the work don by Greater Chennai Police. “With the help of these classes best “SIRPIs” (sculptors) in English will be developed to develop a responsible society. With the help of these SIRPIs other students in the schools will be given training on good moral habits, education and sports,” said the Chief Minister, who also distributed the appointment orders for nodal officers and special uniform for students, who are part of the scheme.