Stalin justifies Veeramani’s comments, but says DMK is not against Hindus

Reacting to the controversial speech of Dravidar Kazhagam president K Veeramani on Lord Krishna, DMK president M K Stalin today said that right-wing outfits like the RSS are trying to put his speech out of context ahead of elections.
“The issue is being used for election campaign against us,” Stalin said. Stalin maintained that Veeramani did not speak with an intention to malign Lord Krishna.

“He gave some examples. Some media and RSS have twisted it for false election propaganda. It is not true, but if it is true then it is wrong,” Stalin said. He called it a conspiracy.

Stalin maintained that the party believed that ‘God is one’.
“The DMK is clear and our leader Anna also said that God is one. Maximum people in Dravidar Kazhagam are Hindus,” he said.

At a recent event, Veeramani spoke on the topic ‘Pollachi Scandal – Irresponsible Brahmin Behaviour’. He said Lord Krishna should be the first person who should be booked for the criminal act of eve-teasing.

He added, “From stealing butter at small age, to stealing women’s clothes at adolescence and further asking them to come out, Krishna was the instigator of eve-teasing.”