Stalin demands dismissal of govt, to raise issue in Assembly

DMK working president M K Stalin has demanded the dismissal of the AIADMK government, after a sting operation by Times Now and Moon TV revealed that Sasikala’s camp offered money and gold to MLAs before the trust vote in February.

It has emerged that the Sasikala camp were willing to pay as high as Rs 6 crore per MLA in exchange for their vote. The Sasikala camp even offered to pay the bribe in gold after it became difficult to organise the large amount of money in cash.

In a statement, Stalin said, “this is a big shame to the state. We will raise the issue in Assembly, court and with governor and president of India. The DMK has already said that the MLAs were bought. It has been proved now.”

Madurai South MLA SS Saravanan has revealed that money may have changed hands to fix the February 18 trust vote.

“They did not commit anything directly…but we all got information. There was information that they are going to give Rs 2 crores for each MLA. When we got into the bus we heard it is going to be 2 crores. So before reaching Koovathoor it became 4 crores. So when we got into the bus it was 2 crores, when we reached airport for governor it was 4, then when we reached Koovathur it was 6 crores. We kept hearing this and the next day they said there is no availability of cash and we have decided to give you in gold. I was very, very happy, anyways we will buy gold with the money they give. If we buy gold directly in the market people may try to cheat us. I immediately called home and informed that they have decided to give gold and all our problems will be solved,” revealed Saravanan on spy-camera.

When contacted, he claimed that he had not seen the tapes as he was travelling, but had seen snippets sent to him on WhatsApp. “This does look like a sting operation. But I have not taken any money. I am not aware if others took the money,” he said.