Stalin asks Modi to take action to send back spent nuclear fuel at Kudankulam N-project to Russia

Chief Minister MK Stalin on Friday protested against the decision of the Centre to set up Away From Reactor storage (AFR) storage facility at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to consider alternate arrangements.
“I wish to inform that when the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change had earlier accorded permission to Units 1 and 2, the agreement was to collect and store the spent fuel temporarily within the unit’s premises (at reactor) and then send it back to the country of origin, Russia. However, it was subsequently decided to store the spent nuclear fuel (SNF) permanently in the Away from Reactor (AFR) facility to be located within the unit premises. This decision was taken without consulting the state,” said Stalin, in a DO letter.
Stalin also said that there are “deep concerns and apprehensions for the people of Tamil Nadu, including various political parties regarding the hazards and potential danger of the AFR storage facility of the SNF within the plant premises.” The local people are also apprehensive of the consequences.