Stalin asks Modi to release Manish Sisodia

Chief Minister M K Stalin has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release arrested AAP leader Manish Sisodia and uphold the residual reputation of the premier investigating agencies and Constitutional offices in the country.

Expressing disappointment at the recent arrest of former Delhi deputy CM Manish Sisodia on “trumped up charges” in the Delhi liquor policy case, Stalin called the difference in ideologies among different political parties as the heartbeat of Indian democracy and said that the rule of law and personal liberty are the cornerstones of our criminal justice system.

“While it is so, I am saddened and disappointed to note that Manish Sisodia, the elected Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, has been arrested on trumped up allegations and made to undergo all pain and pressure depriving the constitutional guarantee of Personal Liberty,” the CM said.

“All the canons of criminal justice system have been thrown to the winds and the due process of law has been abused just for personal satisfaction of a ruling party at the Union,” Stalin added

In his demi-official letter to the PM, Stalin appeal to “take all steps to uphold the residual reputation of the Premier Investigating Agencies and Constitutional offices” during the last nine years of BJP rule at the Union, especially the office of the Governor and direct the release of Manish Sisodia unconditionally, who has been arrested by demeaning the due process of law and fundamental principles of our seven decades old Constitution.”

Reminding the PM that misuse of investigating agencies and constitutional offices, including that of office of Governor, can never strengthen the vibrant democracy in India and the day of arrest of Manish Sisodia and terrorising the due process of law will be remembered as the Black Day in the BJP regime at the Union, Stalin said that in the last 9 years, the independence of investigating agencies have been robbed wherever the interest of the party in power at the Union is involved.

“The agencies have been misused mercilessly and repeatedly as a weapon of political vendetta only against the political leaders of Opposition Parties. Adulterated allegations bereft of facts have become the tool for such blatant misuse of power,” he added.