Stalin appeals students to develop a positive attitude

Students must shun suicidal tendencies and instead develop a positive attitude, Tamilnadu Chief Minister M K Stalin appealed to them and asserted that the government would not be a mute spectator to incidents of harassment of any kind of girl students.

Expressing anguish over ‘recent incidents’, apparently hinting at girl students resorting to extreme measures, Stalin said persons running educational institutions should have a service motive and they should not consider their establishments as business ventures. Stalin’s comments come against the background of repeat incidents involving girl students.

Quoting nationalist poet Mahakavi Bharathi’s verses that inspire children to courageously oppose and fight against those who inflict harm on them, the Chief Minister said that his government would take tough action against those harming girl children. The government would not be a mute spectator to abhorrent incidents of sexual, mental or physical harassment of girl students, Stalin asserted addressing an event in a city college. “Determined action will be taken. They will be brought to book, they will get appropriate punishment.” Under no circumstances girls should be pushed to entertain suicidal thoughts, he said. “There must not be any suicidal thoughts,” he told students.

Batting for constructive thought process aimed at positive mental health, he urged teachers and parents to talk freely with students about their problems, goals and dreams. Only after facing several challenges, students have moved up on the academic ladder and hence they must grow by converting challenges into opportunities, that would result in achievements.

“Students are not in colleges only to get degrees. You (educators) must give them self-confidence, courage and determination. Students, especially, girls must bravely face troubles, insults and obstacles…It is my desire that Tamil Nadu students (boys and girls) should not only be intellectually sharp, but they need to grow as physically and mentally strong persons.” The Chief Minister took part in Guru Nanak College’s golden jubilee celebrations here.