After Sripriya, now Ranjini slams reality shows

After Sripriya, now Ranjini slams reality shows

Close on the heels of Sripriya lashing out at reality shows hosted by actresses in television channels, actress Ranjini of Mudhal Mariyadhai has lashed out at Nijangal show presented by Khushbu Sundar.

In a Facebook post, which was accompanied by screen shots of the show, Ranjini wrote: “It’s so shameful that shows on so-called “counselling” is being aired on all channels in different languages. I have taken these clips from “Nijangal” being telecasted on Sun TV, where Actress Khusboo grabs the contestant’s shirt and shouts… this counselling?”

She said further: “Infact,this succumbs to bullying,abuse,assault,battery, sexual discrimination, exploitation and public nuisance…..please people don’t fall prey to such shows,it is not helping you at all instead it degrades your entire family in public and the TV channels are making money out of you!!”

“I am very sad in declaring and stating that some actresses who host such programs are not at all qualified to give counselling to the poor contestants,” she added.

“Always seek counselling organisations who are often NGOs and its offered free of charge before going to the courts. I sincerely hope that Khusboo apologises to this contestant in public before she faces the courts,” Ranjini concluded.

Sripriya said recently: “When there is a problem between spouses we have the family court to handle it, if any criminal problems we have different sections of law to sort it out…”

She said further: “I’m sick to watch tv shows where we actors sit and judge some ones problem and pain.. can we stop this pls… huh lets anchor and judge just art which we might have learnt a fistfull.. Pleaseeeee.”