Sridevi upset with Rajamouli

While saying that she heard from people that SS Rajamouli is a calm and sincere director, Sridevi has however said she was upset with his recent interview.

In the said interview, Rajamouli was quoted as saying that his team is lucky to drop the idea of having Sridevi in Baahubali due to her exorbitant demands and roped in Ramya Krishnan.

Denying it, the actress said, “There were rumors that I had asked one entire floor for my stay, 10cr remuneration, and ten flight tickets to accept the film, which is completely baseless.

If I demanded such things, producers would have made me pack my things long back and I wouldn’t have completed 300 films in 50 years.

In my career, there were many reasons not to be a part of certain films but don’t know why people still want to talk why I didn’t accept Baahubali even after the release of both part 1 and part 2.

My husband himself is a producer so we know the practical difficulties of producers so there were no such unreasonable demands from my end. I don’t know…may be, the producer would have told such things to Rajamouli or there would have been some miscommunication. But I don’t want to talk about it in a public platform.

I liked Rajamouli’s Eega, he is a great technician and was happy to work with him. Recently, a well-wisher sent me Rajamouli’s interview and felt shocked and hurt.”