Sri Reddy makes shocking comments once again

Sri Reddy, who is known for stirring controversies by making shocking sexual allegations against popular film personalities, has commented on the Movie Artistes Association incident involving top Telugu stars.

“The mega family is behaving like the acting heads of MAA. Take any event, only big personalities like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Mohan Babu, Murali Mohan and T Subbarami Reddy are gracing the stage and occupying the space,” she stated.

According to Sri Reddy, “They won’t bother about junior artists’ and budding actors. Chiranjeevi keeps on saying that the legendary personalities in the film fraternity will go through every issue and solve it.”

She said further: “But they are just there to showcase their authority on small people instead of encouraging them by providing the right platform to express their problems. I’m happy that my curse has worked and there has been a ruckus in MAA.”

She added: “Besides me, many people are suffering from their ridiculous rules. To prove their superiority, dominance over the film fraternity and showcase everyone that they are one big wall that cannot be broken, Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu have displayed public affection at the MAA event.”

She also said: From the past few months, the former has been falling behind the Chief Ministers of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and I doubt there is some land scam behind it. There is no generosity aspect in Chiranjeevi as he never facilitates budding artists nor organises something special on behalf of MAA to encourage them.”

“I support Dr Rajasekhar in this whole episode because he became the vice-president of MAA to support small-time artists. Instead of resigning from his position, he should have fought. However, I don’t support Jeevitha as she doesn’t speak from her heart,” she added.

Meanwhile, she took to her official Facebook page and wrote ‘Allu Arjun yeppudukaina ne original hair tho cinemalo vasthava?? eppudu extensions wig lena??’. However, Sri Reddy’s dig on the actor has not gone well with his fans, and the actress is getting bashed by them in the comment section of her post.

Recently, after he involved in a bitter war of words with Megastar Chiranjeevi, Dr Chiranjeevi has resigned from his post as the Executive Vice President of Movie Artists Association.

In an online statement, he said, “Whatever happened today is only between Naresh, Maa and me. Things aren’t right here and I cannot stand aside quietly and watch. There is no misunderstanding or fight between Chiranjeevi Garu, Mohan Babu Garu and Me. I apologise for any inconvenience caused to our guests! But it is high time and I had to speak about it!

I have resigned from my post as Executive Vice President. I promise to do whatever I can for the industry on my own. Plz dnt blow up this issue as a personal fight between Mohan Babu garu, Chiranjeevi garu and me. I have high respect for both of them and their concern and work towards MAA. Do not project this in any other way.”

A huge argument happened between Chiranjeevi, Dr Rajasekhar, Mohan Babu and Rajasekhar’s wife and actress Jeevitha at the diary launch event of Movie Artists’ Association (MAA).

Chiranjeevi compared MAA to Nadigar Sangam. He said how there is a need for the association to grow in a sustainable manner instead of an aggressive manner.

Describing the MAA members like family, he said, “If there’s something good to say about MAA, let’s tell it to the world but keep it amongst ourselves if we have issues.”

Soon after this,  Dr Rajasekhar touched the feet of everyone on-stage and said, “I have a lot of issues at home due to MAA. I have not worked since March and on top of that, at my home, my wife has invested most of her time in the association work. Chiranjeevi garu gave a brilliant speech but you cannot hide the smoke after setting fire to things.