Sri Athmalakshmi Amma visits Chennai

Sri Athmalakshmi Amma, who is hailed as Athma Siddhar, visited Chennai on Wednesday and met devotees at Vadapalani.

She delivered a spiritual discourse, listened to grievances of people and blessed them with solutions. A large number of followers sought her blessings.

Sri Athmalakshmi Amma, whose childhood name is Jayalakshmi, hails from the royal family of King ‘Rebel’ Muthuramalinga Sethupathy near Paramakudi in Sivaganga district.

Due to her interest in spirituality since young age, she started her spiritual journey by serving Siddhars and Swamis.

She received Deeksha from the following five Mahagurus- Sri Raghunatha Swami Guruguru Devar, Kollimalai Jadaiyamma, Sainath Kandobhava, Kothandaswami Shastrigal and Guru Seetharam Baba and is empowered with direct spiritual devotional power.

Amma performed penance in the holy places of Kasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kedarnath, Badhrinath, Kailash, Gangotri, Himalayas, Jammu & Kashmir, Jagannath Puri, Kamodhya and Ujjain Mahakal and attained divine powers.

She considers every human being who suffer from a lot of problems in this karma filled earth as her children and do good to them through the Aanmas which are linked with them. She will shower blessings to people till her Jeeva Samathi.

She feels Aanma through meditation and penance and solves problems through Aanma.