Spread kindness, says Madhavan

Spread kindness, says Madhavan

Madhavan has urged one and all to spread kindness across the world and see the positive change it happens.

“To all my true friends and fans.. there is so much bitterness in the world around you 2day. Let’s start something nice today,” he started his post on his social media page.

He stated further: “A RAOK — Random Act Of Kindness — do one for a stranger or a person in need.tell me about it and you will make my day and be my hero…..and I will retweet and repay you.”

He added: “Seriously Do one today..see the world around you change NOW..be my hero. Send me a video/pic of the person who U showed kindness 2-N we will start the magic together. Someone unrelated to you if possible.”

Madhavan, who is playing one of the two protagonists (the other one is Vijay Sethupathi) in Vikram Vedha, is said to be playing an encounter specialist cop.

“I do not eat after 6PM and and ensure to keep at least five and half hour gap between two meals to achieve this new look”, said Madhavan.

“I am the Vedhalam and Madhavan is Vikram. He plays a police officer while I play a gangster,” said Vijay Sethupathi recently who features salt and pepper look in this flick.