Soundarya shares secret behind creation of Hoote app

Rajinikanth launched his daughter Soundarya Vishagan’s voice-based app called Hoote on 25 October.

The superstar shared two voice notes on the app. During the launch, Soundarya revealed that a voice-note from her dad inspired her to develop the app. “Appa used to send messages but one time he sent a voice note of a very important decision of his and when I heard his voice, I realised how a simple text is lifeless. This was the inspiration behind Hoote,” she said.

“I wanted to go with the name Hoote which is the sound made by the White Owl, which is considered sacred,” she added. Hoote allows a user to record a 60-second audio clip and post it on the platform. Soundharya believes that it is the perfect way to instill human emotions into what could rather only be an empty character of words.

“We are focusing on keeping it as the main feature for Hoote. We want to give importance to languages and everybody who have a voice should be heard,” said Soundharya.